Beef Stocks and Fats

Ariake USA is an industry leader in organic savory stocks, broths, soup bases, and natural seasonings derived from chicken, beef, pork, turkey, veal, and vegetables. We proudly produce all of our organic and conventional products within our modern USDA‑inspected facility found in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Below, you’ll find a listing of our products that are consistently warehoused and readily available. Additionally, Ariake is a leader in custom and proprietary product development and welcomes the opportunity to explore new and exciting ventures.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in obtaining samples from our current inventory or are considering developing your own unique product.

Product Item Category Protein Amount Salt Content Storage Conditions
Concentrated Organic Beef Stock #3070 Liquid 42.5% < 1.0% Frozen
Concentrated Organic Beef Stock #3075 Liquid 41.5% 14.2% Shelf‑stable
Dried Organic Beef Stock #3273 Powder 94.8% 2.9% Shelf‑stable
Organic Beef Stock #3313 Liquid 45.3% 13.1% Shelf‑stable
Concentrated Beef Stock #3021 Liquid 41.4% 14.1% Shelf‑stable
Concentrated Beef Stock #3426 Liquid 61.5% 8.5% Shelf‑stable
Dried Beef Stock #3004 Powder 94.1% 1.9% Shelf‑stable
Organic and Conventional Fat Contact us about samples